Welcome to The Last Outpost

Hello, and welcome to The Last Outpost!

TLO is a casual gaming community founded in 2010 out of a desire to create a common-sense gaming community focused on fun and governed fairly by a leadership accountable to the members. Since we started out in 2010, we’ve expanded into many more games—but this essential goal hasn’t changed. I invite you to join our community and experience TLO for yourself. This website contains information about our community, as well as the various games we support. Please take a look around, and stop by our forums! If you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer them.

We hope you like what you see, and we invite you to join us to go where no community has gone before.

Latest News

  • Ex Astra

    As new M&M head, I will be revamping the TLO magazine, ‘Ex Astra’ – So far I have been designing new graphics for it in order for it to look more clean, as the current banner looks very unprofessional.

    Regarding writers, I will reopen the posit…

  • Another RPG-X update!


    RPG-X Ultimate Edition has been updated to fix several graphics bugs that were discovered in patch 1.2.5. The patch files are only for people with pre-installed game clients! New users d…

  • RPG-X client updates released!


    RPG-X Ultimate Edition has been updated! The full client download has been available since last night, so anyone who downloaded the game on or after November 19th won’t have to download …

  • Re: Forum Restructure


    The forum restructure looks nice. the RPG-X section is at the top of the page now, which is good news for me Good job guys.