Download RPGXCE

RPGXCE is an all-in-one package for RPG-X, designed and distributed exclusively for The Last Outpost. It’s a standalone installer that includes everything you need to play the game, plus tools and features to enhance the experience.

RPGXCE 1.2 includes all of the following in its 800MB installer:

  • The latest version of RPG-X (2.2 b8) and its dependencies
  • The latest ioCow game engine (ioQuake3 for Elite Force)
  • Rank and class files for playing on The Last Outpost’s servers
  • The RPGXCE Launcher, for easy customization of settings
  • The RPG-X Character Creator, for loading, saving and editing your characters
  • The rpg_poseidon, rpg_runabout and Elite Force multiplayer maps

RPGXCE is legal, free, and available by downloading from one of the mirrors below. Just download, install, and play!

View Manual & License | Download from The Last Outpost

Looking to join TLO’s Enhanced Server? Click here for the 1.2.5 Release Candidate installer (direct link here). You must install 1.2 before installing the 1.2.5 RC.
(note: release candidate may be unstable, and may have unresolved bugs)

Already have RPGXCE 1.0 or 1.1? Download the patch below to upgrade to version 1.2!

Download Patch from the Last Outpost